Stars Fated: A Forbiden Alien Love Story (Paperback)

Stars Fated: A Forbiden Alien Love Story By Ava Marten Cover Image
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Our love was forbidden, but nothing could stop me from making her mine.

In a solar system torn by war, my assignment was simple: Escort Princess S omi from the enigmatic N'Kala Temple to the royal palace in Embu City. I'm Commander Akkar, a Boma warrior of the highest regard, and refusing the mission wasn't an option - not when my men's survival hinged on the resources it promised.

Ukumas and Bomas sharing more than a battlefield? Unheard of, punishable by death. But fate had other plans. One look into her eyes, and I knew-our souls were entangled, bound by the Goddess herself. Defying the laws of our people, defying the King - her own father - became a price I was willing to pay.

Our path was a battlefield of its own, rife with danger, betrayal, and pain. Yet the invisible thread connecting us pulsed stronger with each challenge, fanning the embers of a forbidden passion. But just as our connection intensified, so did the lethal threats from those hell-bent on pulling us apart.

Could our love stand firm against the crushing weight of tradition and betrayal?

Get ready to sizzle - Akkar doesn't just command - he dictates with growls and snarls, silencing all opposition. This is no mere reading experience - If you're caught in Akkar's inescapable orbit. Give in. Fighting it is just pointless.

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ISBN: 9788293973041
ISBN-10: 8293973048
Publisher: Stellar Kitten Publishing as
Publication Date: February 7th, 2024
Pages: 204
Language: English