Learning effectiveness in teaching history to students (Paperback)

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1.01. Introduction

Education is the social force which preserves the necessary past,

conserves and enriches the present and prepares the way for a more progressive

future. To meet the challenges of the time and educational aspiration of the

society, there is a need for effective education. Education is a systematic

process through which a child or an adult acquires knowledge, experience, skill

and sound attitude. It is a key to solve the various problems of life. According

to John Locke (1994) "plants are developed by the cultivation and men by

education". This word would have intellectual darkness if it had not been

illuminated by the light of education. It is right to say that the story of

civilization is the story of Education. Thus, education is an integral part of

human life.

The National Policy on Education (1986) states 'Education is the unique

investment for the present and future'. The school is supposed to provide

necessary experience to the child. School education is foundation as it paves a

way in preparing the students for higher education and later as a useful citizen

of the society. Teachers need to be looked at as crucial mediating agents

through whom curriculum is transacted where any knowledge is co-constructed

along with learners. Text books by themselves do not help in developing

knowledge and understanding. Learning is not confined to the four walls of the.

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