Distilling Whiskey: Your DIY Guide to Producing, Aging and Tasting Whisky & Bourbon (Paperback)

Distilling Whiskey: Your DIY Guide to Producing, Aging and Tasting Whisky & Bourbon Cover Image
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Craft Your Own Premium Whiskey

Learn how to make, age, and taste whiskey & bourbon.

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about distilling, from mashing your rye to fermentation and stills to aging 'the water of life'.

Become a craftsman and impress your friends' taste buds.

The book covers every step from picking ingredients to tasting and even mixing your self-made whiskey. Crafting your own Whiskey will save you tons of money, allow you to experiment with the best flavors, and get you gallons of gold.

Learn how to make the perfect whiskey from Wade Westbay, an experienced distiller based in Minnesota. With this book, he brings over 12 years of distilling experience right to your hands. Get to know the insider secrets of crafting whiskey with just one click.

This book covers every step along the way of both the process and after in detail. Understand what is happening in the still, the barrel, and how a perfect whiskey triggers your taste buds. Get inspired, creative, and make your own. Step into the art of distilling that will teach you a respected and sought-after skill set.

Information in this book is for both the beginning and intermediate distiller. The book includes pictures and illustrations to make everything from pre-distilling to post-distilling easy to understand.

Topics covered in detail:

  • The History of Distilling and Whiskey
  • Safety Precautions & Legal Issues
  • Different types of Whiskey
  • The Distilling Process
  • Ingredients for Whiskey
  • Equipment for Distilling
  • Mashing, Malting, Yeast, and Fermentation
  • The Process of Crafting Whiskey
  • Recipes: Malt Whiskey, Irish Whisky, Bourbon Whiskey, and More...
  • Filtering, Aging Storing Whiskey
  • Advanced techniques
  • Calculations and Problem Solving
  • Tasting Whiskey
  • Mixer Recipes

Become the best distiller in your town. Grab this book now and heat up the still. Learn everything you need to know to craft premium quality whiskey from the comfort of your home, garage, or backyard.

What are you waiting for?

We strongly recommend readers to consider safety and legal issues. This book is solely for informational purposes.

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ISBN: 9789492916075
ISBN-10: 949291607X
Publisher: Green
Publication Date: January 30th, 2021
Pages: 122
Language: English