A War Amongst the Stars: A Star-Crossed Lovers Series: Book One (A Dark Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance Novel) (Paperback)

A War Amongst the Stars: A Star-Crossed Lovers Series: Book One (A Dark Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance Novel) By Tristin Clark Cover Image
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Dark, seductive, and with mysterious secrets lurking around every corner, begins book one in Tristin Clark's dark epic sci-fi fantasy romance series.

Stolen and imprisoned aboard an alien ship, Serena, a human woman with a hidden celestial power and villainous past, finds herself moments away from death, but as fate would have it, another discovers and claims her life, and soon, her heart too.

The voyage back to the world of Mel'Vargon will be a long one, but until they arrive, Zurhen, the new Emperor and giant, lonely king, takes it upon himself to care for his little one, vowing to do whatever he can, to nurture her back to health and see to all... of her aching needs.

As they soar across the stars, and Serena adapts to her advancing power, and new surroundings, a puzzling yet undeniable, cosmic force between the two works at drawing them close.

With dangerous elements at play, arising tensions aboard their ship, and an already fragile and magic-less world on the verge of an uprise, a dark, peculiar presence lurks amongst the shadows, one that follows and clings to Serena and her inner light, determined more than ever, to draw it and her into his familiar, yet ominous orbit.

Hero, villain... true love knows no bounds nor judgement.

A war is brewing. One that in the end, will force all, to choose a side.

***Content Warning: This book is intended for mature, adult audiences only. A WAR AMONGST THE STARS is a slow-burn romance and contains many dark, taboo, and triggering elements. This book is the first in the epic series and will end with a HFN and on a cliffhanger. For a full list of trigger warnings, book tropes, and additional book information, please see author website. It is the readers responsibility to research all provided information. Please consider all warnings before reading.***

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ISBN: 9798218154233
Publisher: Tristin Clark
Publication Date: January 10th, 2024
Pages: 632
Language: English