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What was there lacking about that program to make it perfectly irresistible? Nothing that anyfinite mind could discover. Paris, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy-Garibaldi The GrecianArchipelago Vesuvius Constantinople Smyrna The Holy Land Egypt and "our friends theBermudians" People in Europe desiring to join the excursion-contagious sickness to be avoided-boating at the expense of the ship-physician on board-the circuit of the globe to be made if thepassengers unanimously desired it-the company to be rigidly selected by a pitiless "Committee onApplications"-the vessel to be as rigidly selected by as pitiless a "Committee on SelectingSteamer." Human nature could not withstand these bewildering temptations. I hurried to thetreasurer's office and deposited my ten percent. I rejoiced to know that a few vacant stateroomswere still left. I did avoid a critical personal examination into my character by that bowellesscommittee, but I referred to all the people of high standing I could think of in the community whowould be least likely to know anything about me.Shortly a supplementary program was issued which set forth that the Plymouth Collection ofHymns would be used on board the ship. I then paid the balance of my passage money.I was provided with a receipt and duly and officially accepted as an excursionist. There washappiness in that but it was tame compared to the novelty of being "select.
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