Gullibles' Travels (Paperback)

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In Gullibles' Travels, a divorced Bea agonizes about losing custody of her teenagers. Fearing rejection and poverty, her creativity matches her talents to teach exceptional children, and Bea finds her niche-until the school closes. Jan's career expands when her daily newsletters defuse strikers' efforts to sustain a six-week hospital strike. Not wanting to leave her teenagers, Jan stays with her husband. Despite his seething anger, they travel well, though he secretly knows Jan will soon run off to Europe with Bea. Will all travelers find what they want and need?

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In The Whistling Girls & Crowing Hens Series, two straight married women risk families and careers, leave society's compulsory heterosexuality in 1972, and boldly survive in an uncharted, intimate relationship. Jan and Bea experience historic events in the women's movement and gay/lesbian world in their 39 years together. Each book presents deeper levels on major topics and adventures.

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ISBN: 9798869256911
Publisher: Mocourage Press
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2024
Pages: 280
Language: English