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Nick Petrie, author of The Price you Pay
in conversation with Sharon Nagel at Whitefish Bay Public Library, 5420 N Marlborough Dr
Monday, February 26, 6:30 pm

Milwaukee author Nick Petrie appears with his latest Peter Ash thriller, The Price You Pay, for a conversation with Whitefish Bay Librarian and former Boswellian Sharon Nagel, who is also one half of the writing team known as Juneau Black. In Petrie's latest, hero Peter Ash must team up with his best friend, Lewis, and dive deep into the criminal underworld in order to protect Lewis's past - and both of their futures.

Please click here to register for this event on the Whitefish Bay Public Library website. You can order a copy of The Price You Pay on the Boswell website now as well. Boswell will also be on hand at the event with copies for sale.

Peter Ash must follow his closest friend, Lewis, into the criminal underworld when secrets from the past threaten everything they hold dear in this propulsive new thriller. With Peter's longtime girlfriend, June Cassidy, they begin the search, facing ruthless and violent foes at each turn, including one powerful person who will stop at nothing for revenge. Will Peter and Lewis be able to keep that dark past buried? Or will they need to step into the darkness to save the people they love most?

From Daniel Goldin: "I’m guessing when Nick Petrie talks to fans, a lot of them want to know when we’re going to read more about Lewis’s backstory. Well, here it is! This is one of the more brutal entries in the series, and though I consider myself to have a delicate stomach for these sorts of things, I couldn’t stop reading!" And from Chris Lee: "Here’s something I love: a good, thriller-y crime novel with the speed, the swagger, and the vibes of a 90s action flick. Petrie does it right! This one’s a high-tension page turner where the fists are flying fast as the ice and snow.

Nick Petrie is the author of eight novels in the Peter Ash series, most recently The Runaway. His debut, The Drifter, won both the ITW Thriller award and the Barry Award for Best First Novel, and was a finalist for the Edgar and the Hammett Awards.

a virtual conversation with Sally Haldorson
Wednesday, February 28, 2 pm

Boswell Book Company and Porchlight Book Company join forces for a virtual event featuring Harvard Law Professor Cass R Sunstein, an author and researcher working at the forefront of behavioral economics. Sunstein will chat about Look Again, the groundbreaking book that he has coauthored about disrupting habits. In conversation with Sally Haldorson, Porchlight’s Managing Director, this is a great event for readers of The Power of Habit and Thinking Fast and Slow.

Please click here to register now for this virtual event. And be sure to order your copy of Look Again as well.

Look Again takes, yes, another look at the ways that disrupting our well-worn routines, both good and bad, can rejuvenate our days and reset our brains to allow us to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Have you ever noticed that what is thrilling on Monday tends to become boring on Friday? Even exciting relationships, stimulating jobs, and breathtaking works of art lose their sparkle after a while. People stop noticing what is most wonderful in their own lives. But what if we could find a way to see everything anew? What if you could regain sensitivity, not only to the great things in your life, but also to the terrible things you stopped noticing and so don’t try to change?

From famed biographer Walter Isaacson: "One trait of history’s most creative thinkers - from Leonardo da Vinci to Albert Einstein - is that they are able to look anew and marvel at everyday things that most people have quit noticing: the alluring blueness of the sky, the passage of time, the way a light beam creates a spot of luster on a leaf. Look Again can help us all look in a fresh way at things around us. It’s a smart and fun read, and a valuable way to revitalize your life."

Cass R Sunstein is the nation’s most-cited legal scholar. He has served as the administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, worked with the United Nations and the World Health Organization, and is the Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard Law School. He is coauthor of Nudge, and was the recipient of the Holberg Prize from the government of Norway, sometimes described as equivalent of the Nobel Prize for law and the humanities.

Katherine Reay, author of The Berlin Letters
a ticketed event at Shully's ATS, 143 Green Bay Rd
Tuesday, March 5, 7 pm reception, 7:30 pm event

Milwaukee Reads and Boswell Book Company present a special, ticketed evening featuring Katherine Reay, author of The Berlin Letters, an unforgettable tale of the Cold War and a CIA code breaker who risks everything to free her father from an East German prison.

Please click here to visit katherinereaywss.eventbrite.com and purchase tickets now. Each ticket costs $51 plus taxes and ticket fee, and each includes admission, a paperback copy of The Berlin Letters, a glass of wine, and light refreshments. Reception begins at 7, followed by the author talk at 7:30.

Luisa Voekler, brilliant and logical, quickly climbs the ladder at the CIA. But as her coworkers take on thrilling Cold War assignments in the exhilarating late 1980s, Luisa remains stuck decoding messages from World War II. Journalist Haris Voekler grew up a proud East Berliner. But after the Berlin Wall goes up, he is separated from his young daughter and all alone after his wife dies. There’s only one way to reach his family - by sending coded letters to his father-in-law who lives on the other side of the Iron Curtain

When Luisa discovers a secret cache of letters written by the father she has long presumed dead, she learns the truth about her grandfather’s work, her father’s identity, and why she has never progressed in her career. As Luisa and Haris take turns telling their stories, events speed toward one of the twentieth century’s most dramatic moments - the fall of the Berlin Wall and that night’s promise of freedom, truth, and reconciliation for those who have lived, for twenty-eight years, behind the bleak shadow of the Iron Curtain’s most iconic symbol.

Katherine Reay is an award-winning author of books such as A Shadow in Moscow, The London House, and The Austen Escape. She holds a BA and MS from Northwestern University.

Kendra Broekhuis, author of Between You and Us
at Boswell
Tuesday, March 12, 6:30 pm

Boswell hosts an evening with Wisconsin author Kendra Broekhuis for her debut novel, Between You and Us, a gripping book about a grieving woman who unexpectedly steps into a different version of her life as she chooses between the husband she loves and the daughter she lost.

Please click here to visit kendrabroekhuismke.eventbrite.com and register for this event. And you can order your copy of Between You and Us now, too.

Leona and her husband David must learn how to live again after the shared tragedy of losing their daughter. But then she somehow steps into a different version of her life - the one where she and David accepted all the strings attached to his parent’s wealth and power. Instead of struggling to pay rent, she lives in a lavish home with working faucets. She’s no longer teaching English to high schoolers, but attending brunch with the members of high society.

Leona would try to get home, but for one thing – in this version of her life, her daughter Vera is alive. Now, Leona must weigh the bitter and sweet of each world, choosing between the chance to be with Vera under the impossible expectations of her in-laws and distant husband, or the life altered by grief with the man she loves. Author Johanna Rojas Vann says: “Broekhuis has penned a beautiful story that will make you rethink all the moments you’ve wished for a different outcome. Moments of tears and moments of joy all come together in this story that culminates in one gut-wrenching decision.”

Kendra Broekhuis is author of the nonfiction title Here Goes Nothing: An Introvert’s Reckless Attempt to Love Her Neighbor. She lives in Milwaukee with her family.

Trish O’Kane, author of Birding to Change the World: A Memoir
at Urban Ecology Center, 1500 E Park Place
Wednesday, March 13, 6 pm

Professor, activist, and UW-Madison alum Trish O’Kane appears to share her uplifting new memoir. In Birding to Change the World, O’Kane considers what birds can teach us about life, social change, and protecting the environment. Cohosted by Urban Ecology Center.

Register for this event here. Be sure to order your copy of Birding to Change the World now.

Trish O’Kane never expected to be a birder. But after Hurricane Katrina shattered her life in New Orleans, watching birds thrive throughout the devastated city became her salvation. Soon O’Kane found herself pursuing an environmental science PhD in Wisconsin, where she became a full-on bird obsessive - logging hours and hours in a stunningly diverse urban park, filling field notebooks with observations of bird doings and dramas, and volunteering in a wildlife rehabilitation center bird nursery. But it wasn’t until that park, her bird-watching haven, was threatened with development that O’Kane became an environmental activist. Taking her cues from the birds, she mustered a mighty flock of fellow human park lovers to raise their voices and save the park.

In Birding to Change the World, O’Kane recounts the astonishing science of bird life and shows what birds can teach us and how that education can be a transformative force for social change. O’Kane’s is a feel-good book about transformation, action, and the joy of the natural world.

Trish O'Kane is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Vermont, where she teaches the course Birding to Change the World. Before studying the natural sciences, O’Kane worked as a human rights investigative journalist for a decade in Central America and five years in the Deep South. She has written for Time, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the New York Times.

Xochitl Gonzalez, author of Anita de Monte Laughs Last
in conversation with Natalie Caña
at Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, 191 N Broadway
Wednesday, March 13, 6:30 pm

Boswell Book Company and La Revo Books present an evening with Xochitl Gonzalez, the New York Times bestselling author of Olga Dies Dreaming. Gonzalez appears at Milwaukee Artist Resource Network for a conversation about her mesmerizing novel, Anita de Monte Laughs Last, about a first-generation Ivy League student who uncovers the genius work of a female artist decades after her suspicious death.

Please click here to visit xochitlgonzalezmke.eventbrite.com and register for this event. And be sure to order your copy of Anita de Monte Laughs Last now, too. Click here to order a copy from La Revo books.

When rising art world star Anita de Monte is found dead in New York City, it’s the talk of the town. But by 1998, her name has been all but forgotten - certainly by the time Raquel, a third-year art history student is preparing her final thesis. On College Hill, surrounded by privileged students, Raquel feels like an outsider. Students of color, like her, are the minority there, and the pressure to work twice as hard for the same opportunities is no secret.

Raquel becomes romantically involved with an older, well-connected art student and finds herself unexpectedly rising up the social ranks. When she stumbles upon Anita’s story, it raises questions about the dynamics of her own relationship, which eerily mirrors that of the forgotten artist. Moving back and forth through time and told from the perspectives of both women, Anita de Monte Laughs Last is a propulsive, witty examination of power, love, and art, daring to ask who gets to be remembered and who is left behind in the rarefied world of the elite.

Xochitl Gonzalez is author of Olga Dies Dreaming, a New York Times, Washington Post, and NPR Best Book of 2022 and winner of the Brooklyn Public Library Book Prize in Fiction. Gonzalez is graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her commentary writing for The Atlantic was recognized as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

at Boswell
Monday, March 18, 6:30 pm

Boswell welcomes Kareem R Muhammad, Carroll University’s Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, for an evening focused on his new book, The Fight for Black Empowerment in the USA, in which Muhammad contends that concentrated Black power is the backbone of the Democratic Party and, as such, Black empowerment represents the last hope for the US.

Please click here to visit kareemmuhammadmke.eventbrite.com and register for this event. And be sure to order your copy of The Fight for Black Empowerment in the USA now as well.

Through analyses of secondary data, historical archives, and a variety of political and economic statistical indicators, Muhammad examines the relationship between Black empowerment and America's global stature across its history, exploring the socio-historical context in which obstacles to Black empowerment have occurred and the strategies that have been adopted across time for its realization.

Offering an examination of what Black political, legal, economic and cultural power looks like, Muhammad makes an urgent call for the up-lift and empowerment of the Black population, without which the nation faces irreversible political and economic dysfunction domestically and a loss of its status as a global superpower.

Kareem R Muhammad is the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Carroll University. He is an expert in the burgeoning field of hip-hop studies. His essay, "Blackout: The Tricky Negotiation of Race in Hip-Hop" appeared in the book In This Together: Hip-Hop, Blackness and Indigeneity.

Sold Out Leigh Bardugo, author of The Familiar
at the UWM Student Union Wisconsin Room, 2200 E Kenwood Blvd
Friday, April 12 6 pm 

Alas, this event is sold out to the general public

An evening with Leigh Bardugo, creator of the Grishaverse, which spans the Shadow and Bone trilogy, the Six of Crows duology, and more. Bardugo visits for an event featuring The Familiar, a spellbinding novel set in the Spanish Golden Age. Leigh Bardugo is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and the creator of the Grishaverse, which is now a Netflix series. Her other works include Wonder Woman: Warbringer and Ninth House, a Goodreads Choice Winner for Best Fantasy. She is an Associate Fellow of Pauli Murray College at Yale University.

All event times are Central Time. To see a full event listing, visit our Upcoming Events page here. Read posts from The Boswellians (our bookseller contributed blog) here and Boswell and Books (from Daniel Goldin) right here, and visit our blog post archive right here.