The Wonderful World of Secondhand Books

Please Note: Due to our store’s current precautions to keep our staff and customers safe, we are not buying used books until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and thank you for your understanding.
You can order one of our special Mystery Used Bags today - click right here!
Thinking about selling your used books?  Boswell will buy them!  There are just a few things you need to know:
  •  Do call for an appointment. We have no place to keep vast piles of used books, so we need to know what's coming.  There's a used book buyer here almost every day, so go retro and telephone us at (414) 332-1181 to set up an appointment.  What happens when you don't set up an appointment?  Dragons of fire leap out of the air ducts and burn your books to ash, rendering them worthless.  Do not provoke the dragons.  Call ahead.
  •  Do bring books we're interested in.  We are a reader's bookstore.  That means the books we sell, new or used, must be in good condition, so that new people will want to read them.  No tears, rips, dirt, coffee rings, dog bites, crayon scribbles, or unexplained stickiness. 
  • Skip the following: book club editions, most textbooks, and anything with lots of underlining or highlighter marks.  We usually don't take them.  We feed them to the dragons.
  • Be aware that we only buy for store credit (not cash), and that you can expect to get one quarter of what we'll ultimately price the book for.  We offer competitive rates, and you'll get the money on a handy-dandy card that you can exchange for yet more books.  Thus the cycle is complete.

Have any questions on the world of used books?  Call Boswell at (414) 332-1181 or send an email to